Online jobs. Think and Act like a Boss

Online jobs are by far one of the most hassle-free ways to make some cash without making a noise. This article is all about how you can set up your business, sit back, and enjoy the fruit of your labour.

Setting up your online jobs gig like a Boss (Sub-Contracting)

Let’s create a story for a friend called Jonny. This dude runs a chain of businesses on Upwork, Fiverr, and where he offers short animation video services. But Johnny has a crooked voice, and he can’t do a good voice over. Even if he had a fancy voice, he can’t keep using the same voice all over again. Some of his clients might want him to use a child’s voice; others might want him to use an old man’s voice, some might even want him to use the voice of a dragon (yeah, you heard me right). But that is not Johnny’s only limitation. Johnny doesn’t know how to write a screenplay for the animation; Johnny didn’t even finish high school. He only learned some few animation software like video-scribe and its ilk and heard he could make money from it.

After days of bidding, he caught a lucky break and was offered a two-minute animation job for $50. He contracted a man for $5 to make the voice over. He gave an older lady $10 to write him a script. But Johnny didn’t read the terms of contract thoroughly. He was only good at whiteboard animation but soon realized that the client didn’t want a whiteboard animation. He wasn’t quite a guru in other animation software yet, but he is a smart boy, and he knows he can learn this new software in a week. However, time was not on his side. So, Johnny head over to and posted an hourly job for $10 for anyone who can offer animation services using a software called Moovly within 24 hours. In 20 minutes, he had 12 bids and picked one of them. If you calculate it carefully, you would realize that Johnny had spent $25 thus far, but that is not an accurate estimate. Indeed, when he gave the Voice over man the 5 dollar job on Fiverr, he accrued a processing fee of $1. He also accrued further processing fees of $1.5 for the script writing and $2 for the freelancer project. In total, Johnny had spent 25+1+1.5+2, which equals to $29.5. But Johnny later decided to collect the voiceover and the animation and hand it over to a new-comer on Fiverr who does the video editing for $5 (plus $1 processing fee). Remember that he has previously spent $29.5, plus $6 for video editing (5 dollars for video editing, $1 processing fee=$6). In total Johnny spent 29.5+6=$35.5.

Now Johnny was awarded the original job for $50 and now stands to make a profit of $50-$35.5=$14.5. Smart boy right? What if I told you that Johnny is not smart enough? What if Johnny can even make his life easier? What if Johnny had hired a virtual assistant who can take care of the entire process from attending to prospective clients; negotiating for a price; and finding the voiceover artist, scriptwriter, Moovly animation software expert and video editor? Furthermore, what he had to do was pay the virtual assistant only 3-5% of the profit (not revenue)? And that is what I call a BOSS!!! With consistency, He can later afford a second-hand car, take his girlfriend on trips, go to a club every night while leaving everybody in the hood suspecting him to be into drugs or fraud.

You can apply this principle to any online jobs no matter what industry you are. You just need to work with the right minds. Be like Johnny.

The wanderer

The boss spends most of his life wandering all about the internet, sometimes, not looking for anything in particular. You will be amazed how much you can discover by mere looking around for nothing in particular. The wanderer also spends their time looking for new freelancers to recruit. Recruits with real talent are popping up every day as news about these freelancing sites keeps spreading like wild fire. To maximize profit and enhance efficiency, there a need to be updated on who is now offering a lower price point or who has just joined in and is desperate for a review. The Boss is also monitoring the competition and looking for new territories to conquer.

Online jobs that gives dollars in 15 minutes

This section is to discuss a few online jobs by which you can get quick money from the freelancing business without breaking a sweat. Come on! You are not just going to sub-contract every single job, right? There are always low hanging fruits that you can pluck into your goody bag. These are the sort of jobs you carry out while playing one of Yanni’s classic sounds from your speaker pod. They don’t come all the time, but when they do, you should be ready to bid, but more importantly, you should know the methods/methodology for getting things done like the smart person you are.

1.PDF to word conversation

So, a client has a scan of pdf or even pictures and wants to convert into MsWord. As it turns out, a lot of customers are naïve to how they can do this and would like someone to handle the job for them. If they have the file in their own handwriting, that is a different case, but if it is in PDF, then you can use MS OneNote to make this simple conversion.

2. Review writing

Amazon is a huge marketplace, and there are even Amazon review Facebook groups where clients give incentives to people who can write them cool reviews. These clients also sometimes come to freelancers for this package. I am not here to preach whether this practice is good or not but what I can assure you is that no matter what you write, a good product or a bad product will always rear its head and what you have written wouldn’t count in the long run. You could make some cool money on multiple offers from a deal like this, and you can do this thing in 15 minutes from your phone.

3. Giving a name to a business or products or writing a slogan

Yeah right, there are lots of deals like these. Turns out that websites are popping up every day and out of sentimental reasons people think that the name or slogan of their website will determine if people will click or not. So, they put out the job and with the special instructions that such names or slogans must not have been used by anyone else and the domain is free. You could think up 20 names or slogan in the space of 10 minutes, and off you go. The money is in your pocket. I made 15USD from this once.

Importance of Great Customer service skills

This could be likened to a continuity announcer on a radio station, who is always there to talk. There is a need always to stay online to bid on projects. This is not so much as important in Fiverr as compared to In Fiverr, you usually wait to be contacted, or you can write proposals in the buyer request section. But such a person still need to maintain an online presence to aid your ranking. Even more importantly, you want to remain online so that you can talk to a client. On Fiverr, clients are always searching for those who can do the job and are available to talk at that particular time. On some other times, they just want to do some inquiries, ask some questions and determine your rates. It doesn’t always mean they want to offer you a job. But if there is someone to respond to those queries, your chances of landing the job is vastly improved as compared to when they come online, and they can’t find you. There was a time I and a friend had over 20 queued orders on Fiverr on our CV rewriting gig, but we didn’t just pop a drink, we remained online and discussed new orders. Attaining a status like is only possible due to 24-hour customer service. Online jobs are the best, but you need to always be there for your customers.


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