All about GTB (account opening, internet banking & Jobs)

Brief History

Founded in 1990, GTB has grown to become a household name in Nigeria. However, this wasn’t the case until it started focusing strongly on customer and the youths under the guidance of its Co-founder, Tayo Aderinokun. Some will argue that GTB sort of lost its touch after the demise of Tayo.

I used to own an account with them but I basically just left it to become dormant for personal reasons which was somehow entwined in Tayo’s demise but the bank is surely still waxing stronger and had since spread its tentacles to other African countries and the UK.

Worldwide Offices

  • GTBank Ghana
  • GTBank Kenya
  • GTBank UK
  • Others are Cote d’ivoire, Liberia, Gambia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

How to open a Bank account

Just walk into any GTB branch with your passport photo and a means of identification like voter’s card, driver’s license, international passport, National ID or any other valid means of ID. Also carry along any recent PHCN or Water Bill to verify your address or any utility bill not older than 3 months. This is however on a case by case basis, some accounts, especially by their direct sales agent, don’t usually require any other thing apart from your willingness to have your account opened; they will take care of the rest. The minimum account opening balance for everybody is 1k naira.

People who wish to open a current or corporate account should follow the guidance of a customer agent at any bank location. Documents you must have on hand for partnership and corporate accounts according to GTB requirements are:

  • Identification document like voter’s card, driver’s license, international passport, National ID or any other valid means of ID.
  • Recent copy of any utility bill issued with the last 3 months.
  • Personal details of signatories to the account as well as those of company directors.
  • Passport of each director.
  • Business information (Certificate of incorporation, Printed TIN copy, Memo and articles of incorporation)

If your documents are not photocopied, they will make copies for you.


Open a bank account with your phone

To open a GTB account on your phone, simply dial *737*0# on your phone and follow the onscreen instructions.

This feature became available in July 2017, its benefits include:

  • No need for internet, just your normal phone (Palasa) is enough.
  • Claims that saving money will attract interest on your cash.
  • You can buy airtime by dialing *737*amount# to recharge your own phone. To recharge another person’s phone, dial *737*amount*recipient’s number#.
  • You can easily transfer funds by dialing *737*1*amount*recipients account number# and follow the on-screen instructions. In other to send money to other banks, dial *737*2*amount*recipients account number# and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The bank also claims that you would be able to pay bills, recharge your subscriptions and book flights and hotels. But this is not an available feature yet (at least, according to the bank).



  • You still need to visit their office for authentication and BVN anyways.
  • Maximum of 50k naira per transaction (deposit or withdrawal)
  • Maximum account balance of 300k naira.


Internet Banking

Visit any nearest GTB office and request an internet banking form (provided you already opened an account). Fill and return the form, you can also ask for clarification from the bank staff. A sum of 3k naira will be deducted from your account if you choose to have the token but this is optional. The token is just there for an added layer of security. Submit and go home, your internet banking details will be sent to your email address once approved.

How to use internet banking

Once you get your login details, simply visit this link here, fill in your details and start enjoying. No more long queues for you again.

Jobs and internship

Regular visit this link here for latest jobs from GTB. Their internship will require you to have a GTB account in order to stand a chance. Visit websites like HotNigerianJobs and Jobberman . Better still, find jobs in the Banking/finance category of 825jobs for current job openings in the banking sector.

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