3 softwares for all freelance jobs [Must See]

This section deals with all the softwares for freelance jobs that are essential for making headway in this business. These softwares are meant to make your life a lot easier in the short and long run. Any wise freelancer who works on freelancer.com, Fiverr and upwork should make this investment if you want to prosper and look professional.

It is, however, important to point out that these softwares are most relevant to freelancers in the writing niche and the reasons are obvious. To rephrase it, as long as your freelance jobs involve words, you should read this post.

Last time I was in Air Peace en route Lagos from Abuja, the guy in front of me was on his Laptop (of course his PC was on flight mode). He was writing code. From what I can see, the code had to do with Vessel movements, and yeah, he is a web designer for Chevron. What am I driving at? Turns out that when he writes a code on the backend, he will switch to the front end to see his designs. However, dude has an App (which will be discussed later), that he uses everytime to check the grammatical accuracy of his work. You don’t want to be caught writing bad English with all the money that Chevron pays you. I later had some funny discussions with him about Lekki girls and their “racism” towards Mainland boys.

In essence, it doesn’t really matter what niche you are, you will find these software useful.

Why am I recommending these softwares?

These are the softwares that everyone in the industry is using, in fact, tens of similar software can perform the same job or even better, but these companies have done the best marketing and have created a bandwagon effect. And you must join that bandwagon. The reason is that documents will always be checked using these resources and it is only wise that you use these exact services to check your work before submitting it to an employer. It is just like having a soccer match in January, in the middle of winter in Russia. Would you rather practice in Alaska or California? Yeah, you get my drift. California might be better, but you have to train in cold Alaska because Russia is cold. You have to use the software that your client will most likely use to verify the authenticity of what you just submitted. A web developer for instance might think they don’t need these software but as long as you are going to have written words in your job, you certainly need them. Perhaps not as important as some other niches.

  1. Copyscape

Plagiarism is a big issue in the writing industry and google especially frowns at this. One of the fastest ways to get your blog kicked out of the web is for a competitor to file a plag claim on your texts. So, website owners and content managers are scared of this more than ever, and they need certain reassurances that whatever you are writing for them has a good plagiarism score. Why is this software relevant? Imagine you were contacted to write on 30 different topics with 700 words each at $20 per topic which mean you can earn $600 from a job you can finish in 5 days. You start the writing gig but on the way, but you didn’t bother to sweep it for plagiarism, oh no! What you just did is that you just risked the legacy of your business! It turns out that even our honest write-up straight from our brain could have a lot of plagiarisms in them. Yep! In other cases, maybe you had contacted someone to help you with the job but the person played smart on you; this software can even track if such person had copied from an audio recording. Oh yeah, I have had cases like that. Best practice is to discover any plagiarism first, before the employer finds them for you, as the consequences could be dire. For $10, you will be able to sweep up to 200 checks which translate to $0.05 per document, and that is a tiny amount compared to the benefits.

       2. Rewriting software

What is the difference between writing and rewriting? A novice will say that rewriting is always easier than writing, but that is not the case particularly in freelance jobs. Rewriting on a lot of occasions is actually harder than writing. Will you rather write a 300 word content on Donald Trump or would you rather rewrite a 150 Ph.D. thesis on atomic physics? There are a few free rewriting software like SpinBot, but it is a dumb software. It will scan the document you uploaded and will only change the text: word for similar word. It works just like a giant synonyms software, poor creativity. For best results, try your hands on software like wordai or chimp rewriter. Actually, your brain is the best rewriting software ever.

      3. Grammarly

Once upon a far far land of the grammarians, they all claim they can proofread. However, all they actually know how to do is use the Grammarly software. There are other soft-wares like Whitesmoke and its ilk which are super nice. Personally, I think Whitesmoke is better than Grammarly, but Grammarly is what everybody use, so, join the bandwagon. This is not the time to be unique or play the lone wolf, by all means, join the crowd. I wish I could direct or hint you about where you can get this one for free but I really can’t, you have to shell out $140 per year for this one. Or do you?

Once you register for this site, don’t go and rush to pay $140 per year or even $30 per month. Relax. Wait a few days, say 5 to 10 days, Grammarly themselves will send you a mail offering huge discounts. So, the waiting game always works for first time buyers, but if you had used their services before, they would not offer discounts. So, what can you do? Well, your options are still open, and your answers lie in coupons! Type in the query “Grammarly coupons” into google and carefully go through them. Don’t be lazy and settle for 15% discounts, keep searching and you will find something in the 40% and above discount range. This software also has an inbuilt plagiarism checker which always produces the same results as Copyscape, but it’s nice to have Copyscape in tandem with Grammarly as it would give you a lot of reassurances that a client can’t box you into a corner. Even Shakespeare will be impressed by the amount of errors in his work if he had access to Grammarly during his time. The more you use it, the more you can avoid those mistakes.

Even if you are not in the writing business, Grammarly is integrated into the google chrome browser, and it can correct your English as you are typing a chat with an employer. Please don’t say you won’t start that wrting gig because you don’t have grammarly. Absolutely not, start free and it you can afford the paid version, then you can buy it. It is certainly useful for all freelance jobs.

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