Email Account Open [How to open Gmail with step by step pictures]

In this modern world, anybody that has a smartphone must have an email account. Since almost everyone has a smartphone; it can be inferred that almost everyone has to open an email account. The process of opening an email account or sign up process is not a hard one at all. Job seekers, students, android phone users who want real-time access to important emails all need to open emails.

Gmail: Gmail otherwise known as google mail is owned by the search giant, Google. Other popular emails are Hotmail and Yahoo. Below are the steps to be followed for email account open:

  1. Visit the email signup link of Gmail here.
  2. Enter your “First name” (or given name) as well as your “Last name” (or family name). Note, you don’t have to enter your real details, Google is a machine, it has no idea what your real names are; it will believe whatever you tell it.
  3. Choose a “Username” for your email. Note, there is no need to add at the back. If your chosen username is available, it will be marked with a green check.
  4. Choose a password that contains letters and figures and enter it in the “Password” and “Confirm password” space.
  5. Next is to enter your “birthday” in the order: Month-Day-Year.
  6. Next is to pick your “gender” whether male or female.
  7. From here, you need to input your “mobile phone.” Ensure that your country code is picked. For Nigerians for instance, find the Nigerian flag, then enter your phone number while removing the first 0. E.g, if your phone number is 08140890005, pick the Nigerian flag and enter 8140890005. For people in China, they will enter their phone number as “+86 followed by their phone number that always starts with 1.” In essence, it is different for different countries.
  8. Type in any current email address that you have in “alternate email address” box. You could also use the email address of a friend.
  9. Select your “location.”
  10. Click “Next Step”
  11. From here Google will provide its terms of service. Click the “blue arrow” and select “I agree.”
  12. Next is the “verify your account” page where you need to enter the code that will be sent to your phone. Choose the SMS option preferably.

13. You will receive a code on your phone. Enter the code in the provided box and “continue”

14. You will be provided with a “welcome” page.

Note: this single email works across all Google products like Youtube, Maps, Play store etc. However, the purpose of this tutorial is to open a Gmail account.

15. Find the Gmail icon and click on it.

16. There are some instructions on how to use Gmail. Choose the “Next” button until you reach the end of the instruction.

17. On the final display, Your email address will be listed as Click on “Go to Gmail.”

From here you can login or sign in, in subsequent time from any browser.

So, there you have it. You now have access to an email account and you can now readily access google play store. If you are a job seeker, endeavor to download and activate the Gmail mobile app for your IOs, Android or Windows devices. This is to ensure that you always receive notification in real time from employers.

Note that the pictures in the tutorial are for when you are creating a Gmail account from browsers other than Chrome or when you are using chrome browser but you don’t have a Gmail connected to it. If you are using Chrome browser and you already have a Gmail connected to that chrome browser and you wish to open an email address, the process will look different but similar. 

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